Hi everyone,

We would like to welcome you to the CUNY Academic Commons site that is currently housing the “Phase One” edition of our mapping project! Feel free to click on the project tab above, See the Project!, and begin exploring the map! We encourage you to use the street map first because it provides a more traditional idea of what a map is. Here are some brief instructions:

    1. Once you open the map, you will see New York City. You can zoom in and out using your mouse, and if you want to look at a specific area, you can double-click and it will hone in on that section.
    2. You will notice on the right-hand side there is a legend titled “Select a Service” and a search bar titled “Select a Language.”
      • If you click on any one of the services listed, the map will filter out the data points (organization locations) that do not provide the service you’re seeking. If you wish to exit the filter, just click it again.
      • If you wish to narrow down your search even further, go into the “Search for a Language” box, select any of the listed languages!
    3. When you hover over a specific data point, it will provide you with a tooltip giving you the organization’s name, address, services offered, a description of what they do, their phone number, and their website link.
    4. Lastly, the map is easiest to navigate on a computer or tablet, but mobile devices work as well.

There are also supplemental interactive visualizations on the other storybook tabs that will help you to further analyze the data presented. Thank you and hope you enjoy!

– Anthony Wheeler & Brittany Hamilton